RFID Label

Product Introduction: Based on visual anti-counterfeiting and new materials technology, Techsun integrated RFID manufacturing techniques, and successfully developed series of RFID products, including HF & UHF RFID Label and RFID bottle cap, customized specially for wine industry.

Products widely apply to food staff like tobacco, wine, diary, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and others middle- & high-level of consumer goods.

Widely Applied in Many Industry

Widely applied by Maotai, Wuliangye, Taohuaxiang, Shandong Jingzhi, Jinsha Wine, etc. with extensive and mature application experience

Construct One-Stop Service Platform

Techsun could supply RFID technology, RFID reader and RFID information systematic construction one0-stop platform, decreasing the enterprise cost and guarantee systematic compatibility and stability.

RFID Reader

Multi-Media Query Device

  • Support Various Protocols and Frequencies

    Support Various Protocols and Frequencies, including ISO18000-6C、ISO18000-6B protocol, 902~928MHz (PCC Part 15), 920~925MHz, 865~868MHz(ETSI EN 302 208), etc. and HF ISO14443 and ISO15693 protocol.

  • Apply for Various Environment and Industry

    Apply to different situations and security needed condition, mainly focus on anti-counterfeiting, logistics management, assets management and warehouse management, etc.

  • Flexible Customized Service

    Customized vertical type, portable type, gift type, etc. according to clients’ applying situation.

Mobile APP

Concentrate Procedure Details, Enhance Process Management

By Adopting RFID anti-counterfeiting label, mobile RFID reader and industrial fixed RFID reader, RFID Mobile APP could manage cargos intelligently, standardize handling process with high efficiency, increase supply chain logistic transparency, inventory turnover and logistic efficiency. Meanwhile, the mobile APP makes the connection between RFID cargos logistic management system and warehouse management system available, and increases anti-counterfeiting operation and management efficiency.

Concentrated management of various RFID anti-counterfeiting labels and reading devices, manage the complete process, make on-time query authentication available and react with users to realize data collection, products analysis, marketing promotion.


Based on advanced RFID anti-counterfeiting technology, Techsun could customize RFID anti-counterfeiting cargos management software, embed rich functional modules, manage RFID anti-counterfeiting label and data collection devices like readers, increase the management efficiency by professional concentrated management, enhance the products query functions and support the customized connection with third party platform.

Professional Functions

Intelligent Management of RFID Series of Anti-counterfeiting Labels and Reading Devices Query and Management of Products Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability

Value Added Software Service

Permanent Authorization Installation & Adjusting Software Training Technology Support Customized Service

RFID Anti-counterfeiting Technology Application

Products widely apply to food staff like tobacco, wine, diary, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and others middle- & high-level of consumer goods Pharmaceutical Case Studies
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