Quantum Code

Techsun Liangzi Anti-counterfeiting Traceability QR Code is based on Techsun patented new IOT information platform integrating series of products anti-counterfeiting, process traceability, warehouse management, cross-boundary management, and consumption credited verification, etc.. By collecting, tracking and managing single product information to fight against anti-counterfeit, and assist clients to construct complete goods information data chain and high-efficient accurate marketing plan.

Adopting Techsun patented Nanometer Liangzi material and overcoming the disadvantage of common QR code unable to anti-counterfeit or be copied.

Advantages including high-end anti-counterfeiting, big data traceability, mobile authentication, anti cross-boundary and credit management, applying to public consumer goods.

Color Barcode

Rainbow Code Principle:Based on common black and white code (GS1-13), this technology colors strips and blanks, adds one information dimension, makes single ID code to meet GS1 standards, and does not affect the code identification of traditional devices (compatible with black and white code). The code reaches above B level, amounts to 5,497trillion basic tri-color capacity, and meets “one code one product” with maximum eight colors.

Accurate Statistic

Calculate user quantity, behavior and feedback.


Provide new display platform for enterprise and products via Internet.

Low Cost

Code could be printed or spray printed, and users could read via mobile.


Check product information anywhere anytime via mobile

QR Code

Anti-counterfeiting from the root, enhancing products creditability.

Based on leading industrial anti-counterfeiting QR technology, integrate professional QR reading devices and widely used smart phone, and connect internet traceability platform with third party E-Shop platform. Meanwhile, to complete monitor upon products raw materials, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, sheets, security, tracking, certificates, stocktaking, data backup, etc.

Various Application Advantage

  • Anti-counterfeiting Traceability
  • Information Storage
  • Process Control
  • Information Coding
  • Verification

Various Technology Advantages

  • Intensive Encoding
  • Large Capacity Information
  • Extensive Encoding
  • High Fault-tolerant Ability
  • Reliable Encoding
  • Enhanced Encryption
  • Low Cost
  • Easy Manufacture
  • Durability

Various Coding Standards System

PDF417, QR Code, Data Matrix, Maxi Code, Code 49, Code 16K, Code One and other international standards.

Various Functional Application

Anti-counterfeiting Traceability (user scan and check products manufacture information, and the backstage could obtain final consumption area)

Excellent Higher Dimension Application Intergrated with E-Cloud Traceability & Marketing Platform:

  • Information Acquisition
  • Store Attract Traffic
  • Advertisement Push
  • Mobile E-Shop
  • Discounted Promotion
  • User Management
  • Mobile Payment

Mobile APP

Liangzi Code Mobile APP is specially constructed for intelligent and high-efficient reading of Techsun Liangzi Code, Liangzi Rainbow and common QR code, supporting iOS, Android and other platform. Techsun could provide one-stop products marketing anti-counterfeiting smart phone mobile APP application software development and service.

Via constructing common and customized anti-counterfeiting traceability application, to assist customers to enhance brands and products influence; via professional QR code mobile application to realize online & offline seamless connection, data interworking, complete process goods control and online anti-counterfeiting, traceability, marketing and to enrich customer experience.

Rich Customized APP Function
  • Traceability Management
  • Anti-counterfeiting Management
  • Anti Cross-Boundary Management
  • Label Management
  • Stock In-Out Management
  • Activity Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Anti-counterfeiting Query
  • Data Analysis
  • Rebate Management
  • User Management
  • Credits Exchange


Liangzi code anti-counterfeiting bundled software helps manage Liangzi anti-counterfeiting label and reading devices, products and data interflow, whole products process control and anti-counterfeiting traceability. It could monitor raw materials, production, warehousing and logistics information with high efficiency, integrate, customize, develop and co-work with third party software.

Professional Functions

Intelligent Management of Liangzi Anti-counterfeiting labels and reading devices Products Query and Management upon Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability Information

Software Vale Added Service

Permanent Authorization Installation & Adjusting Software Training Technical Support Customized Service

Industry Application of Liangzi Code Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Widely used in governmental certificates, government visa, consumer electronics, tax affairs, pharmaceutical items, sports items, etc. Anti-counterfeiting Mark Industry Application Case
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