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Techsun owns Techsun R&D center, Shanghai Anti-Counterfeiting Engineering Technology R&D center, Fudan-Techsun co-laboratory. Techsun value the technology communication and cooperation with well-known universities and institute including Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changhai Jiaotong University, Tongji Universities etc., as well as through self technology platform buiding and effectively combining social technology resources, to have established the fundamental of company’s long term development of its key strength.

Techsun R&D center

Techsun R&D center includes Anti-counterfeiting engineering technology R&D center, new material renewable energy R&D, as well as RFID intelligent integrated R&D etc. Center owns 50 researcher specialized in technology innovation. Owns more than 100 IPs, more than 20 anti-counterfeiting technology to be industrialized, as well as undertaking more than 60 projects from the ministries and Shanghai government.

Shanghai Anti-Counterfeiting Engineering Technology R&D Center

Shanghai Anti-Counterfeiting Engineering Technology R&D Center established by the Shanghai technology council on 2010. Through Shanghai Anti-counterfeiting technology Ltd, united with Fudan University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University etc. well-known top universities and institutes to build the only platform in China that specialized in advanced anti-counterfeiting technology innovation, incubators and business promotion.

Fudan-Techsun Co-Laboratory(Lab)

Fudan-Techsun Co laboratory is corporated between Techsun and Fudan University under the mutual understanding of “corporate primary, marketing lead, manufacturing study and R&D combined” innovative strategy, to establish a technology cooperation organization. The Co-Laboratory hold Techsun’s manufacturing, operation and the needs of strategic development as its propulsion, to improve both parties’ innovation and technology capabilities as goal, innovation oriented, strength complementation, to strengthen the mutual development of both parties

Advanced Manufacturing

Techsun invested and imported advanced manufacturing equipments from US, intelligent labeling and reversed-paster sealing machine from Germany, high-performance coating machine, million, ten million, hundred million level dust-free workshop, as well as other equipped automation systems that higher than then industrial level, to establish the fundamental of Techsun high quality products, to support the sustainable development of the industry

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