Wine & Spirits
Techsun Group is the main unit of drafting “Application Standards Based on Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability of Bottled Wine QR Barcode” for Ministry of Commerce.

What Our Technology Will Bring You?

“Secure Wine” to Every Customer

Trackable of Each Bottle of Wine

Constructing Wine & Spirits Quality Safety System with Partners

Label Customized Service to Correspond Product & Code

Whole Process Internet Tracking, Management and Marketing

Guarantee Wine Quality and Customer Food Security

Introduction Of Wine Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability System

With the advanced technology support of Institute of Fudan University, the comprehensive anti-counterfeiting & traceability solution combines wine process tracking, warehouse management, marketing management and data analysis, etc together.

With the developing of E-commerce and the coming of Internet age, how should consumers effectively authenticate wines, how should wineries protect their brand from counterfeiting, how to build up wine quality inspection system with wine association, and how to guarantee consumers’ rights and reasonable price to the market are becoming more and more important.
With the explosive growth of smart phone users, based on Techsun’s advanced anti-counterfeiting & traceability label secure technology of wine products, combining NQ high-tech nano quantum material, QR code security and identify encryption technology, smart phone NFC technology, with wine online mobile interconnection platform of Techsun, to gain wine traceability information by scanning code via smart phone, assist wine enterprise identifying and marketing, to provide more value-added wine service for our customers.

Techsun is assisting wine markets building to build up a genuine only O2O online platform with marketing nature. In fact, it is a O2O shopping mall with function of all process anti-counterfeiting & traceability, marketing and data analysis where consumers can buy wine online, helping you selling more genuine wine.

State-of-the-art and Unduplicable Anti-counterfeiting & Traceability Technology

Easy To Use and Identify

Corresponding to National Database Security
and Misuse

Comprehensive whole-process
& traceability system

Guarantee Wine Security via Internet
marketing Platform

Attract Consumers and Promote Sales via a Variety of Excellent APPs like VIP, Marketing, Data Analysis, O2O Mall, etc

System Constitution of Wine Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability

State-of-the-art Core Technology: “Composite Anti-counterfeiting” & “Corresponding Label and Code”

Online Platform of Wine Anti-counterfeiting & Traceability, One-stop Platform, Seven Services

Wine Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Platform Architecture

Classic Case Studies

As China National Liquor, National 500 Top Enterprise, Kweichow Moutai Group has a lot of “world-class” business cards. As her only certificated anti-counterfeiting solution provider, Techsun group has insisted to supply the best services and solutions to protect the brand and fight against all kinds of counterfeit. After 16+ years’ efforts, Techsun Group has shaped the business philosophy of market-oriented, customer-centered and exceeding expectation service. Moreover, Techsun Group will continue to provide value-added services, high-quality products, and introduce more favorable technical tools for Moutai Group.

With the combining of Techsun Group’s comprehensive anti-counterfeiting & traceability solution and Moutai online mall, Moutai Group achieved one-stop seamless connection, integrating multiple stereoscopic marketing methods with their internal warehousing, modern database collection system and series of marketing tools to promote and protect their brands

Moutai Wines

Moutai Prince Wine

Moutai Anti-counterfeiting Traceability and Excellent Application

NFC technology helps customer to authenticate wines by reading RFID bottle cap and download the corresponding APP.

Member registration, platform management, consumption credits etc..

Moutai wine identification, authentication, anti-counterfeiting, traceability and credit exchange, etc..

Complete Products Manual(Software, Anti-fake Mark, Product Authentication, etc..)

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