Tobacco is harmful to health, traceability is a key part of tobacco anti-counterfeiting.

What will our solution bring you?

To help consumers distinguish between genuine and fake products, ensure health and safety

Each tobacco, each process, data can be traced back, building big data of tobacco anti-counterfeiting & traceability

Build tobacco quality safety service
system together with major partners.

Full integration of a variety of anti-counterfeiting technology for customized labels and packaging to ensure tobacco safety.

The whole process traceability of tobacco information, tracking and management based on Internet.

A platform focus on tobacco quality traceability, process information traceability, enterprise image maintenance.

Tobacco Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability System

Based on multiple anti-counterfeiting technologies like visual authentication, RFID and quantum code, TECHSUN tobacco anti-counterfeiting label & packaging realized comprehensive one-stop anti-counterfeiting, traceability and marketing through the seamless docking with the Internet platform

With the continuous development of “Internet+”and information technology, faced with counterfeit products in tobacco industry, how to lead the healthy development of tobacco industry, enhance brand image, maintain consumer rights and interests, protect consumers from enormous damage, the application of tobacco Internet anti-counterfeiting & traceability technology is the key to promote sound development of the industry.
With the continous innovation and development of tobacco anti-counterfeiting & traceability technology, combination of multiple anti-counterfeiting technology applications, perfect integration of personalized custom service and Internet, TECHSUN continuously implement intelligent tobacco anti-counterfeiting, whole-process traceability of genuine tobacco to guarantee its uniqueness, to protect interests of tobacco suppliers and distributors, etc.

How do consumers verify authenticity, query traceability information, and learn market and channels by scanning quantum codes with mobile devices like smart phones quickly, to realize direct interaction between consumers and distributors, suppliers, guide consumers buy tobacco through formal channels, protect from damage.

Classical customer case

CHINA TOBACCO GUANGXI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD is directly under CHINA TOBACCO, wholly-owned subsidiaries. Since 2013, TECHSUN group has begun the construction of tobacco anti-counterfeiting & traceability system in CHINA TOBACCO GUANGXI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD and provided comprehensive services like a full range of anti-counterfeiting products, traceability system and operation & maintenance support. And until today, TECHSUN is always customer service oriented, to provide more value-added and quality better tobacco products and multi solutions like world leading anti-counterfeiting traceability information technology and system, online marketing, etc. for China tobacco industry.

With the comprehensive anti-counterfeiting & traceability solution provided by TECHSUN, combined with the online tobacco mall, CHINA TOBACCO GUANGXI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD has realized one-stop seamless docking system of tobacco products, integration of a variety of three-dimensional marketing ways, comprehensively optimize tobacco product whole process management like production and warehousing, etc. To implement brand reputation guarantee and improvement, reduce defect rate, ensure product quality and prevent channel conflict by anti-counterfeiting & traceability, deeply enhance corporate and product brand image, provided strong support and basics for high efficient and professional control of tobacco products.

Free services, value-added experience

Scanning Color barcode by social public applications, experience comprehensively enhanced

Anti-counterfeiting and traceability labels

Adoption of widely used social public identification, anti-fishing security code technology

Application of the color code, a variety of anti-counterfeiting traceability information displayed by one scanning

To realize anti-counterfeiting, culture and brand communication and customer experience improved by scanning and micro-marketing

Data is the driving force of operation instructions and industry development.

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