Pharmaceuticals Anti-counterfeiting Protects Drug Safety.

What will our solution bring you?

Consumers can check the authenticity of drugs at first time

Supply chain all process traceability for each box of drugs

To assist government and businesses to improve drug regulatory safety system

Customized drug anti-counterfeiting mark

Internet traceability, tracking, management, and marketing of drug

A platform to enhance enterprise image and protect consumer safety

Drug anti-counterefiting & traceability system

Based on a variety of industry leading composite anti-counterfeiting technology and Information-based ways, combined with Internet anti-counterfeiting & traceability platform, our system makes drug traceable, monitorable and quality controllable, and assists drug industry to establish a long-term effective and fully specific drug quality management system.

With the trend of aging population and increasing sub-health population, people are getting more and more dependent on drugs. However, fake drugs flooded in the market, dis-ordered the distribution channels, and threaten consumers’ lives. How to use Internet to identify and prevent drug channel conflicts and fake products at first time, to maintain drug quality, to improve consumers ‘awareness of drug identification and to strengthen drug safety regulation of enterprises, drug anti-counterfeiting will play an important role and could not be ignored.
TECHSUN provides one-stop professional drug anti-counterfeiting solutions with the perfect combination of new anti-counterfeiting technology and anti-counterfeiting material, which can reduce input and enjoy multiple value-added service like authenticity checking, traceability information query, drug anti-counterfeiting, quality guarantee, recommendation of nearby drug stores, drug discount information, drug consumer feedback, manufacturers recall mechanism, and building drug credit evaluation system. You can realize real-time tracking and monitoring of all aspects all the way from production, circulation, distribution to retail, etc., and help government improve the regulation and optimization of industry operating mechanism, add public query, and other functions.

TECHSUN drug anti-counterfeiting & traceability system provides a multi-functional platform with medicine anti-counterfeiting, traceability, marketing, data analysis, and other functions for enterprises and merchants, Implemented pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting & traceability, at the same time ensure use safety of doctors and patients, help regulate pharmaceutical industry and market order, protect interests of enterprises, consumers, and middlemen, enhance enterprise brand and image.

Classic Case Studies

Shanghai LEY’S Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is pillar enterprise under traditional Chinese medicine an OTC business division of Shanghai Pharm Group. LEY’S has been adhesive to idea of combining old tradition and industry modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. As the top 50 enterprises of Chinese traditional industry and national top 500 enterprises, LEY’S is listed as one of the big five companies implementing traditional Chinese medicine strategy during tenth “Five-year Plan ”by SETC. The “SHEN XIANG SHEN RONG” branch office of Shanghai LEY’S Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has been using TECHSUN’s industry leading high-security, anti-copy PHOTOMER medicine visual anti-counterfeiting technology and total solutions used in “SHEN XIANG’ natural wild ginseng and various “SHEN CAO” medicines since 2004, and quite welcomed by customers.

With the development of medical science, the anti-cancer effects and Chinese medicine treatment of cancer in clinical practice of wild ginseng can not be ignored; high price illegal trafficking of wild ginseng exists in the market, a one-hundred year old dried wild ginseng, the price is a dozen or ten thousand yuan with only decagram, which makes people aware of the value of medicine anti-counterfeiting. The traditional Chinese medicine is expensive with high medical value, the authenticity of medicine seriously affect the legitimate interests and health of consumers, in serve cases even threatening consumers’ lives. How do pharmaceutical suppliers maintain brand and corporate image? Drug counterfeiting traceability is closely related to drug quality and consumer safety. It is quite important for authentication, having authority to maintain, whether to support the inquiry and confirmed online pharmaceutical counterfeiting and traceability of information, so that consumers can buy genuine medicines without wasting money.

TECHSUN drug solution can one-stop docked with Internet anti-counterfeiting & traceability platform combined with advanced quantum code anti-counterfeiting & anti-channel conflict technology, to achieve the “environment, expert identification, production and processing, drug and other security certificate, traceable additional information” of Chinese and western medicines, So that consumers can inquire conveniently ,and drug quality guaranteed.

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