Understand A Fabric or A Brand, Starting from Knowing the Anti-counterfeiting Mark.

What will our solution bring you?

allow every consumer to become supervisors to identify the authenticity of textiles

Construct textile safe production and quality supervision management with partners together

Full process Internet traceability, tracking, management, and marketing of textile

To meet personal custom requirements in various industries with a variety of anti-counterfeit & traceability solutions.

A platform consumers buy with confidence, maintain enterprise brand image

Textile anti-counterfeiting & traceability system

Based on a variety of high-end advanced professional anti-counterfeiting and anti-channel conflict technology of TECHSUN, we provide a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting & traceability solution combining visual anti-counterfeiting, unique material, logistic anti-channel conflict and smart marketing, which is in favor of textile quality and safety tracking and brand recognition degree enhancement.

With the rapid development of e-commerce and coming of Internet age, driven by huge profits in textile industry, the problems of fake products, channel conflict, low brand recognition degree, product information cannot be traced, quality safety cannot be guaranteed highlighted, which seriously affect the healthy and benign development of the textile industry market order. How do suppliers and distributors implement textile anti-counterfeiting & traceability, maintain enterprise brand image with developing security anti-counterfeiting technology and platform? How do end consumers distinguish textile brand, trace product information, tracking product quality, curbing fake products production and selling, to protect interests of consumers and enterprises.
Visual anti-counterfeiting, RFID anti-counterfeiting, and quantum anti-counterfeiting and other multiple technologies applied in textile industry, combined with online Internet platform, to realize textile “one product one code”, “one code three functions(anti-counterfeiting+ traceability +marketing)”, to guarantee the precise positioning of the whole process tracking in channel distribution, to assist textile enterprises efficiently marketing, set up enterprise brand image, enhance consumer trust, and gathering commercial value and service.

TECHSUN textile anti-counterfeiting & traceability solution meets characteristics of diversity and regionalization of textile industry with customized service, by building a Internet anti-counterfeiting & traceability marketing platform, merged with a variety of service like O2O mall, specific marketing, data analysis and member management, to facilitate enterprise control product transregional phenomenon, expand product promotion channels, enhance consumer trust and brand viscosity, Minimize the investment, increase sales, and provide consumers with a more intuitive, convenient, easy way to identify the authenticity of textiles, improving the consumer shopping experience, and ultimately achieve precision marketing;

State-of-the-art Core Technology: “Composite Anti-counterfeiting” & “Corresponding Label and Code”

Online Platform of Wine Anti-counterfeiting & Traceability, One-stop Platform, Seven Services

Classic Case Studies

Shanghai mercury home textiles co., ltd is a famous brand company of modern Chinese textile industry, a major member under Mercury holding group. Mercury textile is committed to creating high quality household life and high quality sleeping experience, born kingly and elegant luxury design style are quite popular among consumers.

Mercury won the trust of users by officially full use of TECHSUN’s anti-counterfeiting & traceability solution combined with advanced E-cloud unique material + quantum code + multiple visual anti-counterfeiting technologies in 2015.
With the rapid development of E-commerce and increase of shopping festivals, textile consumption has increased a lot; Production and selling of fake textile products happened frequently, how do consumers distinguish at first time? The use of TECHSUN’s comprehensive anti-counterfeiting & traceability solution in Mercury textile products is beneficial for further maintain textile brand equity and enterprise image, to boost consumer confidence at the same time, protect consumers from damage of fake products with rest assured.

The solution can realize a variety of high-dimensional exciting applications combined with online Internet anti-counterfeiting & traceability platform, to facilitate consumer checking information for security, tracing, feedback of textiles.

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