From Farm to Dinner Table, to Guarantee Whole Process Safety.

What will our solution bring you?

every consumer can eat real safe agricultural products

Customized label and service combining code and product together.

Agricultural products quality safety system constructed with major partners & authorities.

Comprehensive agricultural products safety supervision management system.

Transparent and whole-process Internet traceability, management and marketing of agricultural products.

Multiple identification technology of agricultural products.

A platform where customers could buy and consume with confidence.

Agricultural Products Anti-counterfeiting System

To positively response to government’s calls for multi-national high-tech anti-counterfeiting and anti-cross boundary sell technology, to integrate with Internet agricultural selling platform to react with all the parties, TECHSUN has promoted agricultural traceability and localized service, and made agricultural products traceable, authenticated and marketed.

With Internet’s continuous development, food security has been attached increasing importance, by food manufacturing enterprises, national agricultural government and food supervision departments. Moreover, constructing complete agricultural traceability system and food security traceability system are also highly focused. Consumers are turning to order from online; therefore, how to guarantee consumers to buy traceable and secured agricultural products, to protect agricultural enterprise and thereof brands and to make sure customers stay away from harm have urged Internet anti-counterfeiting traceability to play a more important role.
To quickly response to government’s policy, TECHSUN is promoting the localization of agricultural products anti-counterfeiting and traceability, reducing the abuse and illegal use of land resource, maintaining the quality and image of local famous brand, building a comprehensive traceability certification system, enhancing consumer awareness, at the same time, enhancing food quality and safety, and realizing the resource integration and utilization combined with online purchase, marketing mode.

With combination of high-end anti-counterfeiting technology, anti-counterfeiting new material and multiple Information-based way, to ensure one product one code, whole-process traceability and management of each link, product traceability information transparency, protect consumers' rights and interests, let every consumer get safe and reliable agricultural products, and thus increase consumer confidence, Consumers are convenient to enjoy agricultural products traceability query service at any time, and provides strong support for quality safety supervision and management of agricultural products.
  • According to Ministry of Commerce data encryption security standard, a double guarantee of data security, and control the food safety from the source response to government’s policies.
  • Provide quality report, product identity information, monitor circulation of agricultural products, enhance consumer awareness of the traceability of agricultural products.
  • Integrating and using of public resources, through a multi-platform, multi open interfaces, realizing interactive marketing, ensuring sustainable operation.
  • Comprehensive use of big data of agricultural products, Implementing risk assessment and decision-making, linking the brand and consumers.
Internet agricultural product anti-counterfeiting & traceability platform provides safer agricultural product and ensures the new rural specialty quality and safety through delivering value, attracting consumers buy things online, etc. Every link is controllable, we assist customers building electric business platform, establishing a comprehensive agricultural big data system. Once problem found, we can take effect control measures and recall, and thus protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and businesses from the source.

Through the agricultural products traceability program, combining TECHSUN’s Internet anti-counterfeiting & traceability system, assist in advancing the development of electronic business, online anti-counterfeiting & traceability, make sure that each agricultural product has a unique identity, one product one code, realizing anti-counterfeiting, traceability, marketing with commonly used scanning application of smart phones.

State-of-the-art Core Technology: “Composite Anti-counterfeiting” & “Corresponding Label and Code”

Online Platform of Wine Anti-counterfeiting & Traceability, One-stop Platform, Seven Services

One product one code”enhancing consumer’s recognition

Internet Traceability system

core function of agricultural product traceability system

Application experience of agricultural product traceability technology

Consumers can view product’s ID by scanning codes, buy rest assured and , you can see whole process traceability from farm to table based on QR code, shopping with guide online, marketing to the world through we chat sharing etc.

Internet Agricultural Traceability APP

Consumers download specific APP, can be achieved easily produce security and traceability information for information about the origin of agricultural products and enhance the user viscosity to achieve agricultural feedback and quality improvement for each agricultural product, a consumer can access at any time and for verification of the way

Classic Case Studies

ADIESIED Group is a foreign agricultural product supply company. Since 2012,TECHSUN has been carrying forward agricultural product anti-counterfeiting & traceability solution from farm to table like green rice, aquatic products, vegetables and seeds, etc., providing perfect all-round anti-counterfeiting, traceability system, operation and maintenance support service for agricultural product suppliers and distributors, assisting customers promoting green agricultural product and brand to the world. TECHSUN is always customer service oriented, to provide more value-added and quality better agricultural products and multi solutions like world leading anti-counterfeiting traceability information technology and system, online marketing, etc. for China agricultural industry.

TECHSUN Quantum code system, provides unique product anti-counterfeiting and traceability identification for each agricultural product, to ensure that consumers get the regular specialty and agricultural products, cooperated with third-party authoritative testing institutions at home and abroad, and provides interfaces for TECHSUN quantum code system to read and test data. Consumers can know the whole process traceability information of agricultural products by scanning quantum codes on the package, improving the credibility, introducing safety claim mechanism to increase consumer confidence.

With the comprehensive anti-counterfeiting & traceability solution provided by TECHSUN group, combined with the online O2O mall, ADIESIED Group has realized one-stop seamless docking system of agricultural products, integration of a variety of three-dimensional marketing ways, comprehensively optimize agricultural product whole process management like production and warehousing, etc. To implement brand reputation guarantee and improvement, reduce defect rate, ensure product quality and prevent channel conflict by anti-counterfeiting & traceability, deeply enhance corporate and product brand image, provided strong support and basics for high efficient and professional control of agricultural products.

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