To control dairy quality, achieve health commitment from each detail.

What will our solution bring you?

With our solution, every consumer can taste “ really rest assured and safe dairy ”

Construct dairy quality supervision system with major partners and dairy association

Full process Internet traceability, tracking, management, and marketing of dairy products

Label customization and service combined dairy and code together

A platform enhancing dairy quality and increasing consumer confidence

Dairy Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability System

Based on TECHSUN’s advanced anti-counterfeiting and anti cross-boundary selling technology, dairy product information, quality and safety are fully connected with the Internet, realizing dairy products whole-process information management and quality traceability management from production, inspection, sales to end users, to increasing consumer confidence.

With the rapid development of Internet and electronic business industry, purchasing milk overseas is more and more popular with consumers, the security and quality of the dairy have become the hot topic of the whole society. However, "Poisonous milk powder" incident emerged one after another, dairy quality and safety not guaranteed, which seriously affected the confidence of the buyer, In severe cases even threatening life safety of consumers. So how do enterprises maintenance the brand image with Internet anti-counterfeiting and transregional preventing means; How do consumers identify the authenticity of dairy products at first time when buying dairy products, to protect their own rights and interests and increase trust level.
Faced with the current market demand for dairy industry anti-counterfeiting and traceability, TECHSUN group put the unique anti-counterfeiting and traceability label on each dairy product via Internet information technology means combined with high-end advanced technologies like visual anti-counterfeiting, RFID anti-counterfeiting, quantum code anti-counterfeiting, etc., to implement effective whole process tracking and control from production, warehousing, distribution, logistics, market inspection to the end consumers, assist enterprise and customer quickly authenticate at any link, broden sales channels and provide maximum value of all kinds of excellent services for enterprises.

TECHSUN provides a one-stop online O2O mall platform of authenticity checking, information traceability, marketing boosting for consumers and enterprisers, letting every consumer enjoy rest assured, safe, healthy dairy products, preventing damage of fake and shoddy products for every dairy enterprises, realizing service like whole-process anti-counterfeiting & traceability, marketing, data analysis of dairy products.

Classic Case Studies

Reseaxi company is a foreign professional company provides high quality import dairy products, has adopted TECHSUN’s dairy anti-counterfeiting & traceability solution since 2014, Dairy product anti-counterfeiting is beneficial for enhancing the dairy quality maintenance and enhancing enterprise and dairy brand image, resulting in multi-earnings. How to identify whether a box of dairy products is from the foreign large ranch, how to obtain the freshness and shelf life of the original dairy products and check whether the dairy is genuine product?

TECHSUN uses a variety of advanced visual anti-counterfeiting technology on the dairy label with enhanced anti-clone and anti-transfer, deeply combined with quantum codes, packed with advanced specialized material, based on online Internet anti-counterfeiting & traceability, realized inquiry and fast verification of dairy product selling and anti-counterfeiting & traceability information, to facilitate consumers to buy the authentic original milk. Our product and solution not only increased sales but also broadened online selling channel, shortening the distance between the suppliers and consumers, very welcomed by customers.

Solution Application Showcase
A variety of enhanced copy protection, anti-counterfeiting technology transfer of advanced visual
Advanced materials and specialty dairy packaging
Multiple strict data security encryption mechanism high quantum code technology
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