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About Group
Techsun Group, apply international leading high anti-counterfeiting technology, based on optical principle, polymer science, integrated composite technology, integrate advanced precision optical electronic etching technology, nanometer quantum,RFID etc. technology and special type anti-counterfeiting material, through the perfect combination between anti-counterfeiting label and product to achieve products’ advanced hidden various anti-counterfeiting features, non-duplicating, to achieve advanced products anti-counterfeit, traceability and improve the anti-counterfeiting features of the products and improve customers’recognition confidence, protect customers’ benefit, to achieve the protection and improvement of brand image, be easy and friendly re-verified by the anti-counterfeiting department and government ministries. So far, core technology is protected under Chinese and international intellectual property protection, owns the IP and protected by international regulation.

Techsun Anti Counterfeit, Traceability core technology, so far have been widely applied to wine & tobacco industry, pharmaceutical, textile, agriculture, dairy products, cosmetics, food, consumer electronics, electricity, communication, non-ferrous metals etc. various industries, several anti-counterfeiting technology combined with special materials, and special anti-counterfeiting functional film has been widely applied to various anti-counterfeit cards (including ID cards, passports etc.), goods anti-counterfeit packaging etc.

Visual Anti-counterfeiting

BrandPro Anti-counterfeiting Label

Protector anti-counterfeiting label

Securo Anti-counterfeiting label

RFID anti-counterfeiting

Liangzi Anti-counterfeiting Code

Special Material

Cloud Film

  • Dynamic three-dimensional effect;
  • Strong Visual Impact;
  • White card attached to the film + Typography;
  • Naked eye identification;
  • Roll Material;
  • Printable

Anti-counterfeiting card film

  • Holographic Anti-static Anti-counterfeiting;
  • Customization;
  • Fragile paper;
  • Transparent Anti-counterfeiting film and text;
  • Protector visual anti-counterfeiting;
  • Laser Printer Printing;
  • PET printable technology (200 continuous print); Tamper proofing
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