Anti-counterfeiting Traceability

Online to Offline Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Service

Based on leading industry E-Cloud Traceability & Marketing Platform, with the entire process of goods anti-counterfeiting, traceability and authentication to meet market and users’needs, this service helps customers establish complete goods information database, make goods anti-counterfeiting, information traceability, guarantee genuine products and protect user rights and brands by combining intelligent Liangzi code label with goods, collecting, tracking, querying and managing certain goods via Internet.

Professional Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Core

  • Liangzi Code Anti-counterfeiting Technology
  • Anti Cross-Boundary Selling
  • Quantum Code High Tech. System

    Liangzi Code System Technology Advantage

    • Easy-to-accept
    • Impossible-to-copy Label
    • Widely Used for Single Goods Anti-counterfeiting
    • Powerful Data Collection Function
    • High-tech Unique Nanometer Materials
    • Advanced Printing, Stamping Technology
    • Applied to Many Industries, High Expansibility
    • “Energy Field”Smart Phone Perception Technology
    • Secure and Efficient Data Reading, Anti Phishing

    Online Mall

    One-Stop Online Mall Service

    Based on Internet platform, this service integrates multi-dimensional functional modules covering businesses, products, orders, stores, finance, activities, shopping guides, advertising and other online mall service, realizes O2O service of multi-industry, commercial activities, branding and category. By integrating third party express with TECHSUN express, this service provides fast genuine purchasing platform, excellent applications, abundant shopping experiences, and assist business to construct cross-boundary logging in one-stop products marketing system, promote sales and increase brands influence.

    Multi Dimension Mall Management Modules

    • Business Management:

      Business Join-in, Information Approval, Modification…

    • Goods Management:

      Goods Categories, Increase, Modify, List, Search…

    • Order Management:

      Online Payment, Receiving…

    • Stores Management:

      Store Comes Online, Decoration, Management

    • Finance Management:

      Order Analysis, Cost Management, Weekly Report, Monthly Report, Quarterly Report

    • Activity Management:

      Activity List, Authenticate, Promotion, Comments Management

    • Shopping Guide:

      Member Binding, Recommending Management

    • Advertisement Management:

      Activity Binding, Activity Management, Activity Analysis

    Fast Offline Goods Develiery

    Excellent Interactive Application

    By supporting excellent application from cross-Internet and multi platform, promote store sales revenue and sales conversion for multi industries and users.

    One-Stop Mobile Shopping Experience

    Internet Marketing

    Accurate Online Marketing Service

    Based on the marketing internet anti-counterfeiting platform, this service integrates anti-counterfeiting and traceability anti cross-boundary technology, constructs benign products anti-counterfeiting marketing cloud platform, promotes supplier, distributors and customers’ interactivity, online O2O mall fast logging-in, fast delivery, products quality service guarantee, member concentration efficient management, combines the data analysis to visualize the data, and meanwhile, to promote multi-industry, multi-good sales conversion, multi-dimension data analysis to optimize operation, mainstream marketing to realize accurate online marketing.

    Multi Dimension Data Analysis Service

    Excellent Accurate Marketing Service

    User System

    Complete User Management System and User Service

    Based on Internet platform, by collection various member data and efficiency management, this service secures member data, understands user needs, preference, characters, intention, attractive member management method and system, provides high quality customized service, multi marketing method, online brand intelligent management and increases business and users experience.

    All-around Member Management Module

    Member Available Service

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